Consumer Advocacy and Peer Support by DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

Consumer Advocacy The Department recognizes that consumers must be active participates in their own treatment and supports programs that empower consumers. Peer Specialist Training Peer support is meant to enrich behavioral health services through the participation and expertise of people who share their experience with behavioral illness and journey to recovery. The Office of Consumer and Family Affairs works with consumer led partners to enhance the training and role of peer...

Advocacy & Legal Aid Mentoring

Early Intervention Programs by DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

Healthy Futures The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Project, known as the Healthy Futures Program, operates in 24 child development centers located throughout the District. Consultation focuses on improving the overall quality of the program and assisting staff to solve a specific issue that affects more than one child, staff member, or family. The Healthy Futures Program offers child and family-centered consultation services to care providers and family members that build...

Counseling Specialized Therapy Mental Health Evaluation Youth (6-12)

Families First by DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

At the heart of the Families First program is a commitment to keeping families together, providing community-based treatments proven to work and preventing children from being placed into out-of-home programs. Families First brings together a range of family-centered mental health treatment and supports appropriate to different age groups. These Evidence-Based Practices are proven to strengthen family life, meet the needs of the children and youth and families who experience...

Counseling Specialized Therapy Mental Health Evaluation Abuse or Neglect Survivors

Family Violence Prevention Program by DC Department of Human Services (DHS)

The Family Violence Prevention and Services Program is an initiative that supports the establishment, maintenance and expansion of programs and projects to prevent incidents of family violence. It also provides immediate shelter and related assistance for victims of family violence and their dependents that meet the needs of all victims, including those in underserved communities. Services Residential services Case management Counseling Outreach Psychiatric assessments Psycho...

Care Temporary Shelter Counseling Help Escape Violence Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) by DC Department of Human Services (DHS)

Functional Family Therapy is an intensive, short term intervention/prevention program that offers in-home family counseling designed specifically to address status-offending behaviors (i.e curfew violations, running away, and truancy) and juvenile delinquency from a relational/family based perspective. FFT Therapists utilize a national FFT evidence-based model to work with the referred youth and their family. This model assesses the family dynamics that have contributed to the youth...

Care Counseling Families Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Youth (6-12)

Independent Living Older Blind Program by DC Department on Disability Services (DDS)

The Independent Living Older Blind Program (ILOB) program provides in-home and community-based services to support persons that are blind and living with vision loss who are fifty five years of age and older. The ILOB program has dedicated and trained staff to serve this specialized population.

250 E St SW, Washington, DC, 20024

In-Home Support Disability Visual Impairment

J.C. Nalle Community School by National Center for Children and Families

The JC Nalle Community School, is an evidence-based elementary community school model located in the East of the River, Ward 7 community of the District of Columbia. J.C .Nalle is the first of its kind in Washington, DC. Through a partnership with the District of Columbia Public Schools, NCCF has been the non-profit program leader for the last 20 years. The Community School model offers innovative academic and cultural enrichment activities, structured out-of-school time, mental...

Mentoring Education Elementary School Students

NCCF's Freedom Schools by National Center for Children and Families

In partnership with the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) led by Marian Wright Edelman, Freedom Schools match students from Kindergarten through Twelfth grade in vulnerable communities with college students aspiring to be teachers with the goal of increasing literacy skills for its participants whom are referred to as scholars. At the end of each school year and summer camp, each scholar leaves the program with their favorite books that they are able to take home to build their own home...

1438 Rhode Island Avenue NE, Washington, DC, 20018

Mentoring Education

Parent and Adolescent Support (PASS) by DC Department of Human Services (DHS)

The Parent and Adolescent Support Services (PASS) Program works on behalf of some of the City’s most high-needs residents, with the ultimate goal of enhancing participating families’ ability to work effectively on their own when problems arise. PASS works with youth ages 10-17 who are committing status offenses (e.g., skipping school, running away from home, violating curfew, and/or being extremely disobedient), and it operates as a voluntary, early intervention program. The...

Care Counseling Navigating the System Families Youth (6-12)

School Behavioral Health Program by DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

DBH operates a school based program in public and public charter schools that offers prevention, early Three female students and a female teacher veiwing a textbook intervention and clinical services to youth and their families. The US Surgeon General reports one in five children and adolescents experience the signs and symptoms of a diagnosable behavioral disorder each year, resulting in significant disruptions of school classrooms, increased truancy, increased risk for alcohol and...


Strong Families Program (SFP) by DC Department of Human Services (DHS)

The Strong Families Program (SFP) Division is a prevention/early intervention support program for District of Columbia residents located within the Department of Human Services, Family Services Administration. SFP is structured to help vulnerable individuals and families, citywide, who are in crisis and experiencing multiple, complex challenges that may lead to individual or family disintegration or separation. Services received by SFP are voluntary and designed to provide vulnerable...

64 New York Avenue NE, 6th Floor, Washington, DC, 20002

Care Counseling Perpetrator of Intimate Partner Violence Families Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Teen Parent Assessment Program (TPAP) by DC Department of Human Services (DHS)

The Teen Parent Assessment Program (TPAP) empowers teens who are pregnant or parenting to move toward self-sufficiency and decrease additional unintended pregnancies. As an active participant in TPAP, pregnant, or parenting teens will receive the following services: Support with school enrollment and/or maintaining school attendance Obtaining a daycare voucher and locating childcare Applying for TANF, WIC benefits, Health Insurance, and vital documents Referral to behavioral and...

Care Counseling Pregnant Teens (13-19) Women/Girls

Data last updated June 2nd 2021