Asthma Home Visits by Breathe DC

Our home visiting program serves families struggling to control children’s moderate to severe asthma. We help children who are frequently treated in hospital emergency departments and who are hospitalized often. Our asthma team visits 150 to 200 District of Columbia homes each year to identify and reduce asthma triggers present in the homes of young children. We meet with the adults living in the home to provide tailored information and resources that will reduce triggers and...

1310 Southern Ave SE, Suite G082, Washington, DC, 20032

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Free Pregnancy Tests, Condoms, and Family Planning by DC Department of Health (DC Health)

Even at the very beginning of a pregnancy, your baby is developing fast, so it’s important to find out early on if you’re pregnant. Women can obtain a free pregnancy test by calling 1-800-MOM-BABY (1-800-666-2229) to find a location near them. Both men and women can receive free condoms and family planning counseling and referral by calling 1-800-666-2229. For information call 1-800-MOM-BABY (1-800-666-2229). Prospective and eligible parenting women and men also have an...

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Free Sexual Health Care by DC Department of Health (DC Health)

Some types of appointments may be handled via telehealth visits. Currently we are offering the following services. Testing and treatment for patients with STIs/STI symptoms Emergency Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) starts and routine visits Rapid HIV Anti-Retroviral treatment starts Prescription refills Assistance with benefits and access to other services

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GED and Adult Basic Education Classes by Covenant House Washington

GED and Adult Basic Education Classes We work with youth independently to create a success plan tailored for their success… A good education is fundamental to achieving financial independence as well as a successful career. Covenant House Washington offers a flexible GED preparation program that allows young people ages 18-24 to follow their dreams by successfully completing their high school education. Our curriculum focuses on the mastery of subject matter tested during the GED...

2001 Mississippi Ave SE, Washington, DC, 20020

GED/High-School Equivalency Young Adults (20-30)

Data last updated June 2nd 2021