Access Helpline (call for any DBH services) by DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

The Access HelpLine at 1(888)7WE-HELP or 1-888-793-4357 is the easiest way to get connected to services provided by the Department of Behavioral Health and its certified behavioral health care providers. This 24-hour, seven-day-a-week telephone line is staffed by behavioral health professionals who can refer a caller to immediate help or ongoing care. The Access Helpline can activate mobile crisis teams to respond to adults and children who are experiencing a psychiatric or emotional...

Emergency Health Conditions Care Mental Health Evaluation

Children and Adolescent Mobile Psychiatric Service (ChAMPS) by DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

The Children and Adolescent Mobile Psychiatric Service (ChAMPS) provides on-site immediate help to children facing a behavioral or mental health crisis whether in the home, school or community. Services are geared toward children and youth 6-21 years of age. The goal is to stabilize them and avert inpatient hospitalization or placement disruptions in the case of foster children. The mobile crisis teams also make follow up visits and connect the family to needed support services...

Emergency Mental Health Evaluation Care Youth (6-12) Teens (13-19) Young Adults (20-30)

Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program/Homeless Outreach Program by DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

The Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program is a twenty-four hour/seven day a week operation that provides emergency psychiatric services and extended observation beds for individuals 18 years of age and older. The Homeless Outreach Program (HOP) has been rolled into CPEP and provides a variety of services and supports adults and families who are homeless. Its primary purpose is to provide outreach to homeless individuals and families with needed mental health services. HOP also...

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Mental Health Evaluation Care

Early Intervention Programs by DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

Healthy Futures The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Project, known as the Healthy Futures Program, operates in 24 child development centers located throughout the District. Consultation focuses on improving the overall quality of the program and assisting staff to solve a specific issue that affects more than one child, staff member, or family. The Healthy Futures Program offers child and family-centered consultation services to care providers and family members that build...

Counseling Specialized Therapy Mental Health Evaluation Youth (6-12)

Emergency Psychiatric Evaluations by Children's National Hospital

Be assured that at any time of day, our specialists are available by phone for consultation and for emergency psychiatric evaluations in the Emergency Department – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team of child and adolescent mental health clinicians care exclusively for children. Our specialists have the expertise to recognize psychiatric disorders in children and the experience to recommend the most appropriate next steps in care. We assess patients in crisis and determine...

Health Conditions Emergency Psychiatric Emergency Services Youth (6-12)

Families First by DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

At the heart of the Families First program is a commitment to keeping families together, providing community-based treatments proven to work and preventing children from being placed into out-of-home programs. Families First brings together a range of family-centered mental health treatment and supports appropriate to different age groups. These Evidence-Based Practices are proven to strengthen family life, meet the needs of the children and youth and families who experience...

Counseling Specialized Therapy Mental Health Evaluation Abuse or Neglect Survivors

High Fidelity Wraparound Project by DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

The High Fidelity Wraparound Project is community-based alternative services for District youth at risk for or returning from an out-of-home residential treatment center placement and for youth who have experienced multiple placements and/or psychiatric hospitalizations.

Care Youth (6-12) Outpatient Treatment

Data last updated June 2nd 2021