Laundry Services - Men by Thrive DC

Offers a space to do laundry.

1525 Newton St NW, Washington, DC, 20010

Goods Homeless Men/Boys

Laundry Services - Women by Thrive DC

Offers a space to do laundry.

1525 Newton St NW, Washington, DC, 20010

Goods Homeless Women/Girls

Martha's Outfitters by Martha's Table

Martha’s Outfitters is an innovative community store focused on supporting families. Outfitters patrons shop at no cost through a monthly credit program. Operations at Martha’s Outfitters are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Please bring all donations to either The Maycroft in NW DC or The Commons in SE DC during regular business hours. To be eligible for Martha’s Outfitters, patrons must be either: Neighborhood caregivers of individuals age 21 and under Emancipated...

Caregivers Young Adults (20-30) Youth (6-12) Goods Teens (13-19)

Move-In Program by My Sister's Place

As MSP moves clients from our shelter into transitional housing, we realize most clients do not have the furniture or other household items that make an apartment a home. MSP’s Move-In Program coordinates the donation of new and gently used furniture and other household items such as kitchen supplies, linens, and more. The Move-In program also facilitates a group of volunteers to move furniture and decorate the apartment so that clients move into a fully furnished and decorated...

Furniture Home Goods Goods

Next Generation Academy by Generation Hope

Next Generation Academy provides support for Scholars’ children through age 7. Scholars participating in Next Generation Academy receive: • Monthly literacy-based home visiting and free books • $200/month towards the cost of childcare • Developmental screenings for children • Access to additional resources • Monthly parent support workshops Scholars are eligible for Next Generation Academy after one year in the Generation Hope program.

Young Adults (20-30) Parents Citizenship Education Status Age Group Checkup & Test Enrolled in College U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Role Help Pay for Childcare Teens (13-19) Parenting Education Health Money Education Books

Re-entry Program by Thrive DC

Men and women are released every day from jails and prisons without food, clothing, or support. Thrive DC provides all of this without restrictions on sobriety, without time limits, and without judgment over their conviction. The New Directions Re-entry Program is designed to assist people who have been recently incarcerated and/or released from jail or prison, back on the road to becoming successful returning citizens. It consists of five components: Case Management Basic Needs...

1525 Newton St NW, Washington, DC, 20010

Formerly Incarcerated Goods Housing Homeless Work Care Education

Safe Sleep Program by DC Department of Health (DC Health)

Through partnerships and collaborations, DC residents can get a portable crib for their infant to ensure infants are sleeping safely. Putting a baby to sleep face up in a crib reduces the chance of death caused by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), suffocation and roll over deaths related to the infant sharing a bed with parents or other children. The Safe Sleep Program provides: - Safety Approved Portable Crib - Parent/Caregiver Education - Education for Community Partners...

Parents Pregnant Geography Baby Supplies Goods Age Group DC Resident Families With Children Health Conditions Navigating the System Household Role Infants and Toddlers (0-2) Parenting Education Care Education Families

Thrive East of the River Partnership by Martha's Table

The Thrive East of the River partnership is a collaboration between Martha’s Table, Bread for the City, 11th Street Bridge Park, and Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative, designed to address immediate economic instability posed by COVID-19 to DC’s Ward 8 residents with the goal of supporting a total of 500 families. Kicking off with the first 100 families on June 15. Participants will receive, five months of support including weekly groceries, dry goods, and $1,100...

Goods Food Ward 8 Resident Money

“Socking” It to Winter by United Planning Organization

Did you know that donating white tube socks can help save lives? In addition to providing transportation services to DC’s homeless population, our Shelter Hotline provides comfort items such as socks to keep the homeless protected during times of extreme cold. Why white socks? Because cold temperatures can cause hypothermia and other serious health problems—and white socks make it easier for healthcare professionals to identify signs of infection, frostbite, and other foot...

2907 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE, Washington, DC, 20032


Data last updated June 2nd 2021